Adrian Von Ziegler – Mortualia

By Ken Wai Lau

I don’t really remember how I discovered Adrian Von Ziegler, but it’s fair to say that I’ve found a gem nonetheless. But don’t take my word for it, you can listen to it and see what you think.

This album is composed by Adrian Von Zielger and it is called Mortualia. My discovery of this album coincided with the weeks leading up to Halloween, which is quite appropriate given that the songs belong in the dark/Gothic genre.

I wouldn’t class this as a horror themed album as such, but some of the music in this album can be considered ‘dark’ or ‘melancholy’. While I am not familiar with the genre, this album could suit a Gothic (horror) campaign.

For example, it may be a suitable album to use if you intend to play the D&D adventure Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. It’s a shame I didn’t discover this album before I played the adventure. It probably would have gone well with the tragic back story of the main villain and the setting of Ravenloft.

Failing that, many of the songs could be suitable for mournful situations such as a TPK(!), end of a relationship, permanent death of a companion, longing for a lost love, etc.

Time to Mourn

There are also a number of lovely piano solos thrown in along with a few emotional/romantic tracks.

There are no cheerful or lighthearted tunes in this album. Read the title: ‘mortualia’ is Latin for ‘dirge’, meaning the overall mood that the album is trying to achieve is a mournful one, therefore if you are after something that inspires optimism or joy, you might want to look elsewhere.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is probably one of Adrian Von Ziegler’s best albums. Gothic romance and emotion is a theme of the album and the composer certainly does a fantastic job of conveying many of the lower emotions such as sadness, longing, anguish, etc., though there are a couple of purely romantic tunes thrown in.

The songs themselves are all masterfully arranged and composed, with the background rain sound effects adding to the melancholy mood of the tracks. It just works and I honestly cannot fault the album at all, other than point out if your mood is not good, it might not be the right album to listen to.

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  1. 3D Avatar March 8, 2014 6:47 pm  Reply

    I like the album. Is there a CD version?

    • Ken Wai Lau March 21, 2014 5:32 pm  Reply

      As far as I know, there isn’t.

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