Adrian Von Ziegler – The Celtic Collection

By Ken Wai Lau

If you are looking for some Medieval and Celtic music for your D&D campaign, then this album should be right up your street. Composed by Adrian Von Ziegler, this album contains many of his Celtic themed tracks. While it lacks music that would be appropriate for use as combat background music, it is certainly a good choice of album for any generic medieval inspired fantasy setting.

Beautiful Dreams sounds like a great romantic soundtrack if that is the sort of thing you see in your D&D Campaign. Crann Na Beatha sounds like one of those tunes that you would play when a group of heroes embark on a long, epic journey of discovery, marching into the unknown with hope in their hearts. Or perhaps it would be played as an army marches forth against a great evil in defiance, even when things appear bleak. Ode to the Fallen might see use when mourning or reflecting upon deaths of former companions who gave their lives for a heroic cause.

Along with Wanderer, this is only the second album by Adrian Von Ziegler to be released as a CD. It is available at Amazon.

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