Adrian Von Ziegler – Vagabond

By Ken Wai Lau

Vagabond is the latest album to be released this month by Adrian Von Ziegler. While there are only four songs, each track is 20 minutes long, so the length of the album is pretty much par for the course as far as albums go.

Intended as “a journey through the four seasons”, most of the tracks here are nevertheless suitable for use as D&D background music, since there are no vocals and the rhythm and pacing of each track is quite consistent throughout. The only trouble is that the usage of sound samples limits the usefulness of each track.

Spring Charm

Spring Charm, as it’s name suggests, represents the season where life begins anew. With birds singing in the background, this track is ideally played when exploring a forest or woodland. It could also herald the first signs of renewal, recovery and hope for a peaceful future after some cataclysmic event or great evil. It could even herald a blossoming romantic relationship between PCs.

Summer Isle

A track set against a backdrop of crashing waves in a beach and/or tropical environment, Summer Isle is a lighthearted tune that is perhaps best used as holiday or relaxation music rather than RPG music.  However, I can also imagine this tune being played in a Japanese computer RPG when the heroes end up on a beach, whether they are there by choice or if they were washed ashore after their ship had been capsized.

Autumn Forest

This track evokes a melancholy mood that goes along well with the concept of death of life in Autumn, so it could signify the end of a relationship between PCs, death of comrades and possibly even a TPK, with the music being played as the epilogue is read aloud.

The main problem is that the track becomes more lively at around 9:00 up to around 11:00 which kind of spoils the overall melancholy mood of the track, although Autumn can be seen as the season where death leads to rebirth.

This is probably the least suitable track for use as background music due to the change of pace, unless you can somehow adapt it. Nevertheless, it is a nice tune to listen to on it’s own.

Winter Breath

The hollow wind sound effect used in this Gothic track gives the impression of being trapped inside a glacial rift or a cavern during a snowstorm, but it is also suitable for any natural setting during the Winter.

The mood of this track can be more melancholy compared to Autumn Forest which is perhaps befitting of a season bereft of life and activity.

Overall, I feel that Adrian Von Ziegler has come up with the goods again with this new album. It’s a very chilled out album and considering the length of it, it’s a steal at $3.99 from Amazon.

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  1. Wan Muhammad Zulfikri December 26, 2013 5:52 pm  Reply

    So soothing….

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Ken December 26, 2013 10:14 pm  Reply

      No problem. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. James W D December 26, 2013 8:58 pm  Reply

    I have been playing D&D for many years and over the last few we really started to put more emphasis on having appropriate background music playing. My group like to use sound tracks from movies such as LOTR and so forth. I like the different tracks you have here though and I just may incorporate them into my next sitting.

    • Ken December 26, 2013 10:13 pm  Reply

      Thanks for visiting, James.

      Glad you found the content worthwhile. Please feel free to comment on any track you find yourself using on the appropriate album page.

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