Adrian Von Ziegler – Wanderer

By Ken Wai Lau

Wanderer is one of Adrian Von Ziegler’s older albums and is considered to be the prequel album to Vagabond.

There are only three tracks in the album, though there is at least an hour’s worth of music with each track lasting around 20 minutes each. The album describes a day in the life of a wanderer in the forest, with each track representing a different time of the day.

The music in this album makes very good background music for your D&D sessions, particularly when adventuring out in the open.

Morning Dew

It is a new day and the hearts of the travelers are filled with optimism and hope. There is a spring in their step as they set out to explore the world beyond.

The tune conveys a bright and cheerful mood at the start, accompanied by birds singing and the sound of wind and rushing water in the background.

This tune can herald the beginning of a new journey or adventure, with all the optimism, excitement and hope that comes with it. It is also an appropriate track to play when your party travels through the forest during the day and there are no immediate signs of danger.

Evening Breeze

The adventurers have traveled for much of the day, but spirits are high. The surroundings are peaceful and convey a sense of wonder.

This tune continues from where the last track has left off and projects a cheerful mood with the birds singing in the background. As the day draws to an end, however, the mood of the track becomes more subdued and relaxed.

This is a great tune to use if your party is exploring a forest as the sun is beginning to fade.

Night Mist

The warriors trudge through the forest as the wind and rain beats down upon them, their faces forlorn as they yearn for the light of day.

The thunder and heavy rain generates a mood that is as melancholy as this Gothic tune itself.

Night Mist is an appropriate tune to use if the party is mourning the loss of one of their own, or perhaps if they are participants in a Gothic horror themed campaign with all the mystery, tragedy and romance that goes with it.

Final Thoughts

A solid album, overall, with many tracks that you can listen to while you are playing D&D – or indeed, while you’re doing anything else or simply relaxing. It describes the day of the wanderer well, though I don’t necessarily agree that night is melancholic, which is something that the final tune appears to convey.

It is also one of only two albums to be released by Adrian Von Ziegler as a CD, the other being The Celtic Collection. Both are available from Amazon or CD Baby.

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  1. James Randall April 25, 2014 9:55 am  Reply

    The first song on this album is a very ‘bouncy song’ if you kno what I mean! I don’t listen to music while I play D&D, but listening to this makes me feel more alive and willing to work!

    • Ken Wai Lau August 5, 2014 6:43 pm  Reply

      Well, the most important thing is you got some value out of it.

      I think I know what you mean when you say it’s ‘bouncy’. Kind of like you have an extra spring in your step listening/having listened to it. And like you say, listening to it keeps my motivation levels high when it comes to writing my blog posts.

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