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The content within The Indie Dragon is copyrighted by their respective authors and are made available for download, streaming or broadcast by the authors or PR via other third party websites. If you find yourself listening to an album or track repeatedly, please consider supporting the artist(s) by purchasing their music. The Indie Dragon assumes no responsibility for the content itself.

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The Indie Dragon contains links to third party websites. The Indie Dragon has no control over the contents of these third party websites and will assume no responsibility for any damages suffered from the use or access of the content within these third party sites.

Information Concerning Copyright Infringement Claims

The Indie Dragon provides links to other Internet sites. The Indie Dragon does not endorse, control, review or approves any content contained within these links. The Indie Dragon assumes no responsibility for the availability, completeness, accuracy, legality or decency of any materials on these websites.

Removal of Infringing Content

If you are a content owner and wish to have a link removed, we recommend that you contact the provider of that content or contact the host of the potentially infringing file.

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