D&D Next Paladin Concept – Fallen Noble

By Ken Wai Lau

D&D Next Paladin Concept

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Today, I am going to write about another D&D Next character concept I’ve come up with. It’s part of a little experiment that I did recently – one that was successful.

The character concept I am about to introduce is a male, human paladin called Terrowin de Pendragast who is lawful neutral (though in truth, he skirts reasonably close to lawful evil with some of his behaviour).

Since the playtest mentions nothing about a code of conduct or alignment restriction for the paladin in D&D Next, I will assume that any alignment is valid for this class.

Generating The Attributes

Once again, I’ve gone with the optional point buy system, just so I have something that is balanced.



After Racial


Strength 15 +1 = 16  +3
Dexterity 9 +1 = 10
Constitution 15 +1 = 16  +3
Intelligence 9 +1 = 10
Wisdom 9 +1 = 10
Charisma 15 +1 = 16 +3

This is nothing more than the “15, 15, 15, 9, 9, 9” array example in the playtest. This is a good starting point for a human character who gets a +1 to every stat on character creation, ensuring there are no negative modifiers and the abilities that are important are boosted.

They don’t look as interesting as they might have if the scores were determined using dice rolls or if the points where thrown around a bit more randomly, but at least it seems effective.

In descriptive terms, the guy is well built and his physical conditioning is good, plus he has a certain presence and force of personality that stands out and marks him out as someone who is a cut above the rest.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Religion – studied his religion well and knows a little about the other faiths around him.

And… that’s it.

Paladins (like most other characters) only get one skill, though you will acquire more when you pick a background.

As a trained knight, Terrowin is able to use any armour and weapon. He will focus primarily on great weapon fighting to make best use of his strength.

Living The Lie…

Terrowin claims to be of noble upbringing and there is certainly no reason to doubt him. Like many nobles, he exhibits a superiority complex over the common folk, although as a member of the church, he does not openly show his contempt for those of lower social standing.

In truth, however, Terrowin is actually a member of a fallen noble family and is desperate to restore his family’s name – or build a new empire of his own.

Terrowin sees the path of the paladin as merely a stepping stone to his goal so he is not particularly loyal to his church, despite the latter adopting him out of pity and freeing him from the life of a street urchin.

As such, I’ve given him the charlatan background. He has a few documents and props that seem authentic and mark him out to be who he says he is (likely recovered from his family holdings or forged). He also has a few former allies who are still loyal to his family name.

His background grants him additional skills:

  • Deception – basically how he maintains that veneer of nobility.
  • Disguise – useful for when he doesn’t want his cover to be blown.
  • Insight – years of faking it allows him to recognise the signs when others try to swindle him.
  • Sleight of Hand – learned how to survive as a street urchin.

Not Your Typical Knight In Shining Armour

While most paladins vow to uphold honour and justice, Terrowin doesn’t mind bending a few rules every now and then. He has learned that life is all about the survival of the fittest and therefore leaves little room for compassion.

That said, he is not totally uncaring and genuinely looks out for those who he is close to (even if he pities their low social standing).

However, he is not above using them either. If the time is right, he might even betray and sacrifice his friends for his own gain – whether or not he regrets it afterward.

Terrowin has a unique habit of refusing rewards when discussing payment for a task, only to ask for a donation to his church in order to continue the good works that the church sponsors. In reality, this is just a tactic to try and squeeze even more out of the client.

He justifies this by saying that since he is a member of the church, ‘donating’ to him and tithing to his church is essentially the same thing.

He will do whatever it takes to obtain the prestige he needs to reinstate himself as a leading noble, exploiting all loopholes in the law if necessary.

As such, he is not above taking on missions considered to be illicit. He’s also not scared to use more ‘extreme’ measures to get information when interrogating people, though there is a line he refuses to cross.

Click here for my next post where I show you how and where I obtained my bespoke 3D printed miniature for this character.

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